Artists on Artists – Anne & Christijan

  • April Fonti by April Fonti
    Last night an appreciative audience enjoyed the first in the Artists-on-Artists series by Leipzig Writers. The musicians Canadian Christijan and German Anne are both singer-songwriters and the pair performed a mixture of folk and country songs on guitar and banjo.

    Both performers are strong and there was a very gentle, natural feel to the evening. But what made the night really unique was that the artists were encouraged to chat about their personal writing processes. This provided a very informal and honest glimpse into their song-writing styles and individual personalities. It’s a performance style that really works in an intimate venue like Poniatowski and it’s a style that is sure to define the series.

    Aside from the various musings and personal stories, it was particularly enlightening to hear Anne Heisig speak about one of her cover songs. Anne spoke about the power of music to communicate across cultural boundaries. Then told the story of how she first covered the popular Arabic song when the first influx of Syrian refugees arrived in Leipzig. She recorded the song with a Lebanese friend and uploaded it to YouTube. The video was picked up by a large Lebanese television network and she was even flown out to Lebanon to record the song. The song was haunting and she has a strong, clear voice. It was received with much appreciation by the single Arabic speaker in the audience!

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