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The Factoryline is a hub for creative artists to help support, develop, create, make and promote who they are and what they do. It is a safe space for creative growth and networking, to share and pitch for work.

Mission Statement

The Factoryline is a group of creative individuals and groups who want to connect with other creatives, around the world. We want to grow as a community of people, doing what we love and bringing like-minded people together. The Factoryline want to help support people and their passions. Provide a home were individuals and groups can promote and link their skills on The Directory Connect and Create together. Make events and happenings along the way… If you feel this is you or your organisation? And you want to connect or become a partner of ours on the site, or list in our Directory Home please do… This is a happy place of creation and we want you to share and pass it on…. Thank you!

The Factoryline

Join The Factoryline independent creative directory . Connect with like minded creatives and make dreams happen along the way. If you are in the creative arts, describe yourself as a performer, writer, musician, visionary or innovator… Want to promote your skills out to an appreciated audience? Sign up here today.

For your FREE listing email us. Please pass on to like minded people.
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