A Big stage for ickle Inky Ensemble

The KUK festival was a week ago, so I have had a bit of time to reflect. And my dreams are now not so far away.

Since BEats & STreets things have developed nicely with the e.V. and collaborative performance. We have adapted over the years we have been together, and things are gelling in place nicely right now. The developments are not far off from what I had envisaged when Diana Feuerbach started the ball rolling with our first ever performance at Noch Besser Leben, and then Svetlana took up the gauntlet and propelled us into setting up a writers collective.

Over the last two years we may have morphed into an arts one, which offers more avenues for expression.

At the outset putting this little spin-off Ensemble together I did not know if it would stumble and fall, as the trio are very different in our styles and our opinions about the arts. From a self professed classicist in ChrisRob,  an installation artist in Maeshelle, and a playful performance poet in myself, who knew what would come out in the wash.

A multi -coloured performace it was!

It was a really good show, even if I have issues with my own performance. But lets leave that till another blog entry.

The whole idea of the Inky Ensemble, was not to be Wu Tang Clan or the Travelling Willburys but a collection of poets/short story writers and lyricists who sing, read or play.  A sprout that has blossomed from our non-profit and will come back now and again in different hues for different seasons and events.

For the KUK Festival we did some oldies, goodies and newbies, slam and duets we have done, but never mash-ups. There was a real variety to the pieces and an attentive audience on a very warm summer afternoon.


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