A nightly meeting

I have lived in Leipzig since late October 2015 and in this big and also small city I have felt the urge to mingle and meet every corner of this wonderful place. This brought me to meet people from very different backgrounds and stories. At the beginning, I felt alone but then I realized that there are so many people like me and I am not the only one lost in translation.

It’s been a dream of mine to come to Germany since I was very young, my story is long and blurry but despite all the adversities I managed to make this dream come true leaving Venezuela all the way up to Europe. That’s what life is about anyways isn’t it? To go ahead with something you really love no matter if you fail or not, in the end, these are experiences that you make in this life and it’s what you take with you everywhere you go.

One night I decided to do something special, I haven’t gotten out of my apartment for days, but this last week that just passed I had the motivation to go and meet people, to share with them and make something special, and I am very happy I did it. This is how I met Leipzig Writers, talented and incredible people that come from different countries, everyone I met on the night of the 19th of March was incredible. An event accompanied by music, stories  and a warm welcoming towards me since It was the first time I got to know them.


Music from Argentina, Canada and Germany with stories from Syria and England, It was the entire world in one place. The interaction between the public and the artists was like a family meeting, something that doesn’t happen very often or at least it’s something I don’t see very often. It was perfect, and I am so happy I got to experience this and looking forward to more.

Photos copyright and text by Armi M.J

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