Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

csm_ARibeiro_513279d38eWhen I wake up each morning, I enjoy making toast and haiku poems for breakfast. Each haiku comes to me raw and whole like a slice of bread, then I spend a little time heating it up to make it nicer and crunchier. It’s always better with coffee, as well. As the morning rolls along, I work on the academic book I’m writing while churning out and seeking out posts for my blog/e-zine The Leipzig Glocal, which a Radio Blau presenter has recently referred to as a “cultural platform.” Nice way to put it. I like to think of it as a space in which the global and local intersect, in whatever small way, to generate more interest and understanding between the Leipzig and international spheres in terms of arts, travel and philosophies. I’m always looking for new voices and contributions for my glocal blog

I moved to Leipzig in late August 2012 – bringing with me journalistic, poetic, academic and musical baggage – after having lived in Poland, Denmark, the U.S. and my native Brazil. What makes Leipzig special is how many people seem to be coming together in a wave of creativity and tolerance and excitement for diversity, how minds are being expanded as Leipzig “hypezig” becomes more cosmopolitan and attracts more international attention. The amount of creative potential floating around in this city astounds me.

In the afternoons and evenings, you can find me somewhere in Leipzig cycling after what’s left of the sun, or hopping around from Straßenfest to Straßenfest, open mic to open mic, movie to movie, WG party to WG party… as the rich, diversified, alternative culture and entertainment offerings of this city gradually get revealed to me.


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    Oi)))))) Acabei de abrir sua página e adorei o que li! Eu moro em Gohlis, desde fevereiro e não conheço a cidade tão bem). Me parece que temos interesses muito parecidos! (também escrevo). Bem poderíamos combinar algo… e obrigado pela super dica, hoje eu vou na balada 80’s uhuu)) estava sentindo falta, se você for e quiser me avisa =)

    01521 923 7826

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      Oi Alex! Muito prazer. Como encontrou o site do Leipzig Writers? Que bom que gostou do meu blog! Foi à balada? Curtiu? Se quiser, me manda um email no que a gente se fala. Abraços! – Ana

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