BEats & STreets; Stewsday best bits

Nothing is worse than creative apathy they say. I was reminiscing recently with a dear old school friend how our Drama group had such great talents. The shame being none of us really pursued our theatre skills to the potential they could have reached.

Now, 20 years have passed since I held up my Uni canteen with water pistols at Alsager,  creating a poetry improv mash up. The inspiration for this came from Pumpkin and Honey Bunny’s canteen stick up. (to 2.40 in). This adapted slam scene was the opener.

Fast forward two decades to Buchmesse 2014 Leipsch and I wanted the emperor of our previous readings to wear new clothes. BEats & STreets was an attempt to meld poetry, improv, music and short stories into a menagerie multitude of expression.

This we hope it did?

It  had a great raw edge and had some moments of rare slam concert beauty.

Here are my Create 5 in no particular order:

  • The funny moment when Ralf Lowland sprinkled red wine on Padrick as Tom Bailey & the Eyes of March were conducted by the pretty awesome Padrick playing a typewriter, and  accompanying an amazing reading from Tom of Tarantula by Bob Dylan. This was real improv and a gem, Tom  had only minutes before agreed to this crazy caper. Maybe it is just me, but I think it drove him to put on a great show as MC & unbeknown to yas, for the first time. Nerves & spontaneity can work well when channeled.
  • My meagre attempts at a slam mash up opener. A piece called Priceless Hope book ending a total improv piece where each stanza only had three words written Bring it on! I did some weird vocals to give me a chance to compose the stanzas in my head before I delivered them. Not sure if it worked, however the execution used the method I wished it to, just needs honing.
  • Maeshelle West Davies performing in some many different guises, and the funny and pretty damn cool jazz handing style  accompaniment of “the mouth” on one of her pieces.
  • Ralf Lowland contrasting an in your face piece with a more tender one,  reading a text dedicated to a new passion in his life.
  • An improv Blues piece that the Eyes of March did, One of which was an improv with adapted Ricky Astley lyrics: The writer of which was on a smoke break, so missed it.

What were yours?

Do not miss our next events! We have hit 2014 running, the e.V. has a new lease of life and is as healthy as ever.

On a more personal note – spoken word still remains my passion, and again thank you all who helped with BEats & STreets.

It was a good start after a break & the inspiration that was needed . Once again thanks to the host (the Poniat), the master of ceremonies (Tom Bailey), the contributors (Eyes of March, Ralf Lowland, Maeshelle West Davies) & the appreciative audience.

Bring on the next one!



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