Christijan Broerse


Born and raised in the humbled but multi-cultural working class city of St.Catharines, Canada (near Niagara Falls), Christijan Broerse grew up in an environment of languages. Though his mother was of mixed-Slavic background and spoke only English, he heard Dutch from his father and grandparents, Italian and Ukrainian from his neighbors and Polish from the pretty girls around the corner (Anna and Marzena, there is no forgetting). Back then he already experienced a small and fleeting piece of Europe in Canada.

He studied German, Philosophy and History at Brock University before being struck downby a debilitating illness in his twenties. Instead of a life of medication and uncertain remissions, he extricated himself from the darker prognosis of doctors and moved away to British Columbia. In Victoria and Vancouver, he took on the arduous and impoverishing task of healing himself. At the least the landscape was beautiful (albeit, clouded in rain).

Trial and error he managed to “change his life” (Du musst dein Leben ändern – Rilke), learning about the emotional and cognitive sources of the illness that shadowed his twenties.

Along the way, he discovered the healing properties of writing – and wine. In 2012, he traveled throughout Europe and seeing no other place more beautiful than Leipzig, he moved here two years later.

Christijan is comfortable in prose and in poetry. He is also known to craft the occasional tune.

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