Create5 workshop; Ferienpass & Open Mic

Looking back and forward for creative positivity is the best. Stewart Tunnicliff has took a break from working with teens and young adults for way too long, nearly half a dozen years . In July during the Ferienpass (summer hols pass) he will be teaching kids the art of word play, helping them pen songs and poems.He has been very inspired by the likes of Akala and Mark Grist recently and their work with teens and young adults, so thought it was about time he got those same juices flowing again. For a week from 21st to 25th July a group of locals with the help of some friends and work colleagues will get the chance to pen some nice lyres in German and English. This project hits Leipzig at a time when there is a tension between becoming international, and the nationalistic tendencies towards parochialism.

In his projects he needed new challenges and to avoid boredom as it kills him, work, friendships. The signs have been there for him over the last year or so. Wanting to give something back to this local community that all in all has supported his endeavours, and along with Müsik- Stüdyo 74 this project will be a first for him here, and hope for the start of a new direction.

As the flourish to the text the event will culminate in the participants getting audio files, their stuff performed, and a possibility to star in our Open Mic.

Hosted by: the Poniat

MC: Stewart Tunnicliff from trans-lingo

Returning & starring: Dolus

Come join us on the 25th July, and see the kids kick it lyrical!

You will meet fellow word-smiths and musicians.

It’s going to be multilingual and colourful.


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