Finding your role in a collaborative

One of our fresh new faces, Ana, talks about finding her place in our collective and what she thinks about performing, and the performances of Inky Ensemble.

A few months ago I became a member of Leipzig Writers. It took me until now to really figure out what my role in the group is, or should be, though. While I definitely appreciated our growing exchange of ideas and building a friendship and collaborative relationship with my very talented fellow members, I felt uncomfortable at the expectation that I’d perform my poems and such regularly. See, I dislike rehearsing or memorizing pieces and can get quite nervous before going onstage; I do like writing poetry, and singing and even reading poems in public from time to time, but only if I have a choice of whether or not to do it depending on my mood, only if it’s more or less spontaneous. I also feel like I’m terrible at being funny if I plan it beforehand (please don’t ever ask me to tell a joke), and at my presentations for my doctorate work, I often find myself not quite following the script I’ve written beforehand.

I feel that, as members of Leipzig Writers, we all bring in different strengths. And being part of a performance troupe was not something I felt I could totally commit to, because it’s just not my thing, although watching people perform is, and more than that – documenting it, making it into photos and videos and articles. Perhaps one could say that I’m a multimedia journalist at heart, a passion I’m being able to realize currently through The Leipzig Glocal. I think that is still a valuable strength to bring into Leipzig Writers, along with promoting my fellow members’ work and their writing on a regular basis by publishing them on the webzine/blog.

It gave me such joy watching three of our Glocal columnists and Leipzig Writers members – Stew, Maeshelle and Christijan – perform as the Inky Ensemble in Leipzig, at HTWK’s KUK! Festival on June 26. It gave me extra joy to observe and document how they combined their different artistic strengths to give an interesting and dynamic show, involving music and different styles of composing and delivering poetry. I was happy just being off stage with my camera, producing my own kind of art via multimedia. So I hope you will enjoy the video and photos I took and keep up with the Inky Ensemble as they spread their creativity and performing zeal around Leipzig, and beyond. You can find me at the Leipzig Writers’ open mics sometimes, reading and singing a thing or two if I feel like it.


By Ana Beatriz Ribeiro
Founder/editor, The Leipzig Glocal

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