hiStories – What grips us!

Every culture has a history, but it is often the personal that grips us.

picture copyright Stewart Tunnicliff

This was the theme through the event, and our appreciative audience added to that by their avid interest in our stories and ourselves.

On a night with many events our host Maike created a cosy atmosphere to make you feel at home. Quite apt in a cafe called homeLE. Our annual Book Fair concert had candle light and a simple sound system.

Our hosts braved duets for the first time ever, Maike taking the tender Tori Amos, and wowing us with her rendition of Hedonism. It was nice to see Ralf back to performing and holdinq his own with a controlled accompaniment vocally and with guitar. What an opening!

The hosts informed us of what is going down and also gave us a Q and A on each performer.

This lead us to discover Edu as a youngster in Leipzig is already feeling at home and his creativity comes from sound. The theme through his songs was being away from and the feelings of missing your loved ones, wether that be mothers, relatives or friends. He built layers to each song and his natural heart, ease and spirit shone through. Like many creatives telling us that one of the songs he performed he did not even know what it was about, wether it was grammatically correct ( Edu it was, but who cares), and years later after writing it that Maybe I will was about himself.

Then we heard from Stewart, and the novel he has in him, blue and white jumper. Although a poet at heart this novel works on the many themes he feels strongly about, is semi-autobiographical, and weaves the themes of mental health care, voluntary work, addiction and tries to positively tackle the German and English perceptions of each other. Although ommiting the female narrator, Sebastian the main character gave us a glimpse of his story.

This lead us to a short break where the audience and performers mixed to chat the breeze on this unsually cool evening.

After the break we were again to be in awe of the gentle tenderness of Abdhul’s arabic and English poetry translations. His main theme was about peace, he also spoke to us about love, war and his home country. With his honesty and no political or religious spin, the refugee story made you aware of who he is and the evident struggle with what is happening at and affection he has for home.

Christijan our resident Canadian lover of Leipzig and eastern European women sang from a familiar yet always entertaining repertoire touching on love, and melancholy, as well as a happy song mixed in there too. We learned unlike Edu he creates from images. And that he struggles with continuing text after the initial lines. The performance in contrary appeared confident and heartfelt.

Tom gave us a song about an ex-girlfriend, his present girlfriend and a dedication to Chris. The last song was his most personal and powerful. With the poignant line is life so hard running through the song.  We also learned he is a fan of Passenger and how Chris and Tom met, and the bet Stewart and Chris made to get him on stage in Leipzig. Keep your eye open on this tender aged talent. We think he will go places and define his own path.

One of the many highlights was to see these two duet. Tom with his crackling emotive voice accompanied by the soothing tones of Christijan. A duets being covers meant the audience got to sing along. This probably was the first time we have experienced such a group feeling and contribution from our visitors during our song renditions.

The evening was such a success our wonderful and welcoming host reluctantly spilled into the street with us some while later. A cold early morning air eased by a warmth in our hearts and a smiles on all our faces.

Pictures will follow from our wonderful lady with the lens Armi.


Keep your eyes and ears open for hiStories repeated. All the performers loved it so much that we will get our robes out again to entertain the lucky Leipzigers

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