Ian and Anja (Cox and the Riot)

Very rarely these days do I get to chill out over a beer or two with the ever busy Ian Cox, unless it is footie related (him being a Everton and me a Derby County fan) and at Killiwilly. Last night we had a few bevies at Gingkobaum at Buddehaus and shot the breeze as a prelude to his gig tomorrow. Having been here as long as I have and despite living the other end of town he knew this gem in Gohlis. Ian, like most artists supports his creativity through translation and teaching, and Anja does the latter too. She studied music and grew up in Schoenberg near Magdeburg and has played with Mr Twist, as well as alongside Ian. They have had quite a success with their band Cox and the Riot, forming in 2010 they are two of the core members of the band that includes two violin players and a cello player. A dream of theirs is to one day have a full string accompaniment or even an orchestra behind them, maybe akin to Tindersticks. Their music is not quite in this vein, with a harder rock feel if with occasional softer undertones. Ian also had some modest success with a series of gigs with Volly Tanner last year, dedicated to their love of Leonad Cohen.

Although I am a also fan of Cohen, for me Control was the song that hooked me onto Cox and the Riot, and I see some of the influences of that other Ian from the North, namely Curtis,of Joy Division, in their music.



Ian’s troubadour story started in 2005 in his cold and wet  Northwich in Chesire England, and brought him to the historical music city of Leipzig. Being involved musically with the Royal Conservatory it still took much persuasion from admiring onlookers for him to decide to travel the world with his guitar in hand, settling in what is now a thriving hub for new and upcoming bands. Their band is on their third album to be released at the onset of 2017. Although more a rock outfit we can expect the gig at Poniat to be more acoustic and mellower, with violin and piano featuring alongside guitar and vocals. A few covers of Peter Gabriel, and some poetry will also make up the set.

I am sure we will be dancing in our head with fond memories, and maybe even someone else after Tuesday night. And I look forward to catching up post gig with Ian and Anja over bevies at another beer garden beyond the cusp of this warm summer.

Poniatowski Polski Bar & Restauracja
Kreuzstrasse 15, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

Entry at 7 p.m. – starts 7:30 p.m.

Non profit donation – from 4 €

Cox and the Riot –

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