LW, Inky Ensemble and theLingoGuy

Be careful what you ask for some say, I predicted that 2015 would be a year for change, and a lot more. It has been an amazing ride, some very low lows and some high flying highs.

Personally I have deveopled probably the most creatively since my early art studio years. And L.W. despite some internal squabbles is going from strength to solid as a rock.

Leipzig Writers has been working with refugees, rebooted sofa stories as duets, paired up members as duets, adding partners (venues and orgs) and members as well as designating roles. Next year will see some more exciting changes with a new team set up just for arts projects and an arts center in the North.  The board for now remains as is, and if I sort my own stuff out will set up one room in my new digs as a retreat for writers and artists. We as an e.V. will be doing a review of 2015 called SofaOpinons before we slide into 2016. Keep your eyes peeled on all social network cyber platforms.


Inky Ensemble is slowly growing and the vibe is good. Come see some of us perform for the last time this year for Open Mic @Poniat on the 18th.

As for theLingoGuy (Stewart Tunnicliff) I seriously lost my mojo, but I came back with some improv at the last Open Mic. There was a moment  where I thought my arse needs a good kicking. The great  guitarist Nicholas was doing a sound check and I decided to go for it and do some improv as a filler for the very first time here in Germany. Taking the monster by the horns and riding where ever the wave takes me. I have not looked back.

Since then I have vowed to make sure I stay as creative as I can. I could not do this without the support I get from my dear friends and the positive people in my networks. You know who you are. I doff my cap to you all and hope to see you catch those waves yourselves and ride well into 2016. If I see you before then give me a high five or a low five or even one to the side. Keep creative you beautiful people.

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