Inky Ensemble: Polish Style – Proszę! – Christijan Robert Broerse




– copyright pictures Sabine Falk

I’ll admit I was weary on Tuesday and I hadn’t had time to rehearse. But I managed, I made it, salvaged the energy but it wasn’t just me. I had Inky Ensemble for support and of course, Poniatowski’s: however small or large or medium size the crowd, the atmosphere there always oozes art and creativity and whatever the weariness, it wanders off and the performance happens.
I believed it happened for all three of us. From Stew’s stylistic and slamming spirals of words, whether prose or poesy to Jason’s ‘impromptus’, his joyous, jaunty and better-than-a-jester abilities to be inspired and me, with my perennial song list of sullen lyrics (aside from one), we made an evening for a grand and lucky few.
Our audience as much as our venue boasted many cultures from Dutch to Syrian, Polish to German with audience members like Nils and Jolanta, fellow Leipzig Writers putting pen to paper at one point. Whatever they were writing while we performed it was all for the grand lady, the muse.
For me, the evening felt more like a dream you half-remember between waking in the middle of the night. You know you are there and not there, in the dream and in the reality and you faintly feel the twin tug of night and day and eternity is that brief twinkle of spotlight when you get your chance to sing and speak whatever moves you.
I would like to also thank our technician Jan, always a solid support and a great fellow artist, our dear Jolanta, dzięki and Sabine for her photographic eye. And of course, our audience and their positive and wondrous feedback.
Best for Stew this weekend and Naumberer newcomer, Thomas at Tacoholics. I’ll do my best to come out for support.
You do the same.
Poezję – Poetry –
Tylko co to takiego poezja… only what is it anyway, poetry…
…A ja nie wiem i nie wiem i trzymam się tego …And I don’t know, don’t know, and yet I am clinging
Jak zbawiennej porjęczy. to it like a saving bannister.
– Wisława Szymborska (Translation…mine)

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