Literature feeds on the tension between the two poles that language and  life always readily provide. These poles range from the harmless difficult vs easy to beautiful vs ugly to, let us not shun this predator pair, life vs death. It is this eternal, self-feeding engine which prompted us the idea of the Book Fair literary concert in 2013.

We at Leipzig Writers are actually epitomes of polarity – take anyone of us: hailing from different parts of the globe, sporting different life styles, writing in different veins, our creativity turned on by different things.
So, polarities, pushing the limits, disemboweling phenomena, flogging life matter till it pleads for mercy. We placed ourselves at the least convenient spot for writing – THE EDGE OF THE VOLCANO – and were bold enough to start letters.
The volcano was duly impersonated by a marvellous indie rock band Fix, with its ribcage-bursting vocal heart Atom Parks and its ever-pulsating creative artery Patrick Flanagan.
And we, we just sat – or stood at the edge, our poetry and prose bathed in liquid flames.
Hideously unbridled “Temperate Zones” by Svetlana Lavochkina set in the fiery framework of Fix’s music set the show a-kindle, and the eruption could be held up no more than Vesuvius.
Not only liquid – smouldering cigarettes of all brands in Stewart Tunnicliff’s poetry; the lugubriuos candle of forbidden teacher – grade school student love story by our special guest from London; the anguish of cauterized relationships; the otherworldly glow of commemorating the deceased.
We are thankful to Diana Feuerbach who was our consuit thorough this perilous route, our canny MC.
We had been feeding the eternal motor for two flicker-quick hours and know that our numerous audience went home heat-burned and polarized, but tempered in the cauldron of word and music, burdened by our letters from the edge.

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