Lit Herbst – look back

What a week, what a week!

Our two scheduled events at Leipziger literarischer Herbst went even better than expected. Good attendance, also by completely new audience, praises and expectations of more.

Many thanks, once again, to the Limelight City young authors Constanze, Sophie, Anastasia and Richard, the stalwart project partner Nicole (can I tag you or do you prefer to remain incognito?:)) and, of course, to our doozie MC Stew Tun.

Diana Feuerbach: Die Reise des Guy Nicholas Green, it was a pleasant adventure to sit on the red couch with you at Café Shakunda, sailing along the waves of the Youngest Sea, “Das jüngste Meer” – we were the literary lovey-dovies, weren’t we? And our love for Ukraine was, I hope, infectious and pandemic.

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