look back at 2012

Dear Friends,

On the penultimate day of 2012, let’s look back at this year of birth of Leipzig Writers. It is a thing one never stops to marvel at: an idea, an impulse, a little seed sown at the right time, in the right place, shoots a bold sapling seen by everyone.
And so we already have a C.V., albeit short but impressive.

We were born on February 16th, under the sign of Aquarius.
In March, the three of us sailed in a boat on the waves of Leipzig Book Fair and gave the stage to the kindred writer spirits at Open Mic.
In April, we tangoed and waltzed in Duetts;
The Leipziger Volkszeitung wrote about us in November.
Also in November, the first poetry workshop hatched.
And in December, we put an end to Prohibition.

Some days ago, our new constitution went through at the District Court. This will allow us to accept donations from benefactors and apply for financial help from state institutions and commercial companies.

For 2013, we have a baker’s dozen of projects, some of them were already mentioned, and some are still gestating or burgeoning.

We would like to heartily thank our members, friends and well-wishers for their support and creative input.

Special thanks go to Café Schwarz, The English Room, Leipzig English and Telegraph+++ for hosting our events.


New Year’s Evely yours
Leipzig Writers

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