Svetlana Lavochkina has been in unreciprocated love with English since she was seven. She tries to breathe with it, but this air is as thin as high on the mountain but the words teased, bullied and wouldn’t obey for a long, long time.

Svetlana was born and raised in Eastern Ukraine, where the cities steam with important factories, where the daily bun in the school canteen is called no less than “Romantica”.
A decade ago, she moved to Eastern Germany, where Leipzig teems with parks and stucco nymphs call from the pink façades. Svetlana teaches English at Leipzig Waldorf School, writes fiction and translates Ukrainian and Russian poetry into English. She considers herself a humble servant of literary globalisation, diligently lugging her Ukrainian word flour sack onto the English world mill.
Svetlana is delighted to be among Leipzig Writers. That her eternal dream to share and perform her work at literary concerts should come true exactly where she lives, which is neither UK nor the US nor even AUS, never stops to amaze her. She is grateful to have been part of the first (and thoroughly successful) purely English Book Fair reading “The Closest East to the Heart”. She got into the midst of the reverie of the preparation for the event, “The Embassy of Love”, a literary celebration of spring – with kindred spirits.
Meanwhile, Svetlana’s short stories and poetry translations were published or are forthcoming in Witness, Drunken Boat, Chamber Four Fiction Anthology, The Literary Review, Eclectica (shortlisted for Million Writers’ Award 2010) and In Our Words Anthology. In 2011, she was on the panel of judges of the Million Writers Award 2011 and co-edited an international generational anthology “A Long and Winding Road”. Svetlana is currently working on her first novel.


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    Меня савут Роберт. Я из Канада и люблю сочинять. I will continue in English. I have learned some Russian. I am contacting you because I am interested in finding a local writer’s group in Leipzig. Or a venue where writers get together to discuss their work. I write poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Does your group still get together? I found this website by simply typing in ‘Writing Group Leipzig’ in Google. I noticed the last blog entry was in June 2014.

    Also, I am very interested in continuing to learn Russian. By chance, can you recommend any local tutors? Or reliable websites that recommend tutors? (Preferably websites that don’t ask you to submit all your information and want you to become a member for life…etc..etc… a few I have encountered seem to require all this…)

    All the best and thanks
    Спасибо вам балшой


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