Jolanta is a Kashubian woman, grown up on this piece of earth in north Poland, which historically had laid on the border between countries and cultures. The empty war field has been filled with Polish and Ukrainian people, leaving space for the Kashubians to grow their identity.
After her Bachelor in German in 2011 she worked for a year together with a freelance journalist, Adama Ulrich, as a stringer for a documentary “The people Europe forgot – Kaschubian”“ shown on the German TV channel Arte.
Since November 2011 Jolanta has been living and working in Leipzig. First as a European volunteer, now as a free lance language interpretor and mediator for international German-polish projects. She is also a member of the initiative “Ost Passage Theater” – a socio-cultural project in East Leipzig. Occasionally she works for the polish bar and restaurant Poniatowski. Much often she writes there poems from the team meetings lubricate well by a shot or two of delicious polish vodka.
Writing is her passion, therapy and drug. She plans to publish her works soon, and had examples online at Poliglot Poetry and Stories/a>.



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    And Jola wasn’t just a brilliant stringer for the documentary about the Kashubian people, she also was a fabulous protagonist who was looking for her Kashubian roots!

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