Poets at heart

I dibble and dabble here and there with a fair many creative avenues, but coming from years of finding my need to express myself, poetry comes somewhat naturally. No matter what I am doing I can guarantee to see some of the beauty in this form.

I did not expect to be hit so hard by the last Open Mic@Poniat We have many poets in our midst, most I know. But this blindsided me. Adhulsalam is a fresh wind, and has a gentle and heart felt expression that suited his demeanour. In stark contrast to myself, with his gentle way of plucking your heart strings.

He is a highly intelligent and skilled refugee from Mokhayam Yarmouk( Rif Dimashq, Syria) and the inspiration he gets for his work is threefold; Mahmoud Darwish, Nizar kabbani and Amal Donqol.


Poetry has a beauty in any lingo when read how he did that night. He won many applause and minds, but judge for yourself –

“They say Paris is the capital of love. As they say about Rome. But they are mistaken because love has many capitals and you are mine.
The lover said.
as the redness of the sunset.

The beloved said :
As long as i’m your capital, Why did you occupy me, and steal my heart and summarize my femininity in your poem.
I stole your Heart to stay alive……

Wet your appetite for more, come hear Adhul and more at our upcoming events.  And keep your eyes on social media for our Create5 and Wahlleipziger projects.

I am just as surprised by this project development as this poet, as I thought cooking would be the mode and lingo of expression for bridging communities. Weather did not fair this fool Stew well,  I am still learning.

But this bodes well for my passion, my dream. Lets hope my heart can take it 😉


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