Outline – A glocal (global vision, local application) social arts project to develop work and social skills, thereby enabling different communities to engage through workshops that lead to events.

Aim – transference of work, communication and soft skills for refugees and immigrants to allow for better employment and social engagement, likewise better empathy between natives and migrants in flash-point areas

Mission statementto ease cultural shock through the shared experiences and heightening of social awareness and tackle themes emerging from Pegida/Legida and other nationalistic issues



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    Hello! I find it amazing! How can I participate!=)

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      Sorry it took so long to get back to you, we had a lot of changes happening recently. You can maybe come to an event and chat there. Or likewise keep your eyes open for a development meeting in June. We will also take part on the Social Impact Lab Stammtisch next week. If you are on facebook we have a presence there as well.

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