Inky Ensemble

Inky Ensemble is a collective collaborative that blossomed from the non-profit Leipzig Writers and is unique in that it is a group that performs not only poetry, but songs; sung, read or played.

Next event – Come Back Home; Sofa Histories with Tom P, John D and Stew T. Charity event, ticket only. Secret venue. 

Inkersall ; – One cow village/ one horse town of StewT


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    I would like to join a poetry reading evening in Leipzig in June. Please send details of your plans. Or if you have no plans perhaps we can make one together…

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      We will have Open Mic in the third week of the month, on a Friday at Poniatowski. At present we have no plan for a poetry specific one, however if you wish we could have you in our Artists on Artists event. Every 2 weeks on a Tuesday from 19th April, so 14th and 28th June. We can be found on FB too. Leipzig Writers and Inky Ensemble. Take em easy!

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