Kunst und Kultur festival


11393322_10152808123626020_4659707350647441019_o Preview – “For all the English-speaking festival-goers among you: Expect poetry in all its different shapes when Christijan Broerse, Maeshelle West-Davies and Stewart Tunnicliff of Inky Ensemble (Leipzig Writers e. V.) hit the stage at KUK!-Festival. Classically read, as a song or in a kind of slam – everything’s possible! Some of the lyrics will even be created especially for KUK!”- KUK team.

Review – “It gave me such joy watching three of our Glocal columnists and Leipzig Writers members – Stew, Maeshelle and Christijan – perform…. It gave me extra joy to observe and document how they combined their different artistic strengths to give an interesting and dynamic show, involving music and different styles of composing and delivering poetry.” – Ana Riberio (the Leipzig Glocal)

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