Sofa stories – our new format

The New Year always brings new developments and ventures. As things panned out towards the end of last year we choose to provide a different  platform for our creative talents and a new kind of ambience and atmos. The venue for sofa stories will always be Uptown Coffee Bar, the new place in town for top quality coffee.


Sofa stories is a regular event where readers can read longer texts and explore the narrative and story a bit more.    An event to curl up in hiStories and music, unplugged. Entry is free, with donations welcome to help support the many cultural and social projects of Leipzig Writers.


Our first event took place on 7th February and saw Ralf Messmann, Robert Brörse and Stewart Tunnicliff tell there stories. We had two hours (with a break)f exploration of both fictional and personal stories. Also Chris and Nils took a seat and told their tale with their contrasting styles of comedy and darkness.

Our next event will hear the storie(s) of our returning special guest Naomi Susan Isaacs, with readings from her book Postkarte aus Bali.

Come hear her voice on 15th March, where signed copies will be available for purchase.






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