the English Room, May 20th

Late spring is on the porch. The air is heavy with the scents of blossoming trees, mad birds compete in volume with kindergartens, mating ladybirds explode on our windshields.
And what about us? Deadlined, chained to the screens, thumbnailed and facebooked, our eyes in the skypes. High time to apply for an asylum while we’re not late before we’re too late: but what country will take us poor sods?
Shhh…sh… we know a secret but don’t tell spread it around. The fairest embassy in the world, with no queues, no forms to fill out: Green Card caresses your wrist the moment you enter, on your wrist. As soon as you take a seat, generous welfare will fall on you like golden rain: live love clad in poems, stories and songs: light as air or heavy as brocade, tangy as whisky or sweet as port – the six Consuls know how to take care of all the refugees.

THE EMBASSY OF LOVE: a literary concert by LEWriters

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