Here be the word on us.

Dear Leipsch peeps, members, contributors, affiliates and the like,

It has been awhile since we took a step onto the stage. We have not got stage freight, or become a bit shy, just super busy.

We have been swimming in our creative streams, concentrating on our novels, short stories, poems, making plans for new and established modes of e.V. expression and adding workshops to our repertoire .


As always we will be doing Buchmesse events, likewise next year we will be at the Leipzig Literarischer Herbst.

Open Mic will come back for you to take to the mic and regale us with fine lyrics and fab music.

Some other events will be happening throughout the year, we will keep you posted.

And contributors keep an eye on the Facebook group for “Open Calls”, and jot down what piques your interest. Allcomers are welcome, and new ideas for collaboration.

Bookmark our page as well to keep ahead of news.

Thanks to all who contributed and the venues who hosted, you know who you are.

We will have a kick off meeting on the Friday 12th Jan.

We wish you anĀ autumn of ambitious expression, a winter of whimsical words, a spring of sassy music. And see you all sliding well into 2014.



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