Year so far!

Keeping your blog running is not always as easy as done. But to keep you peeps interest piqued for what has gone and what is to come.

Open Mic 

Slowly generating a real buzz in Leipzig, Open Mic @ Poniat is always a mix of surprises and new faces. So far this year we have had two very diverse Open Mics. The first being very text based and the second starring a few more singer songwriters. We have had Czech for the first time, and it has been dual hosted by the delectable Jolanta and the lilt of Ralf. Open Mic was a real hit, amongst the stalwarts performers we had Dolus coming back to us, assisted by the poet/singer Ana from leipglo Kay and Martin strummed their stuff, Alex hit us with the “feminist dream” of Ian Fleming and Mari from Stubenreim made a cameo visit. A 50 strong audience made for a rowdy and rambunctious affair, that lasted into the wee hours.

Next one will go all dark for Wave Gothic Treff on May 22, be there to bare your soul.


BEats and STreets in 2014 was our come back, and Finding Home built from those solid foundations. The array of artists was a mixed multi-culti-genre bunch. A top ten of performers made for a packed evening of music, poems and short stories.

During Leipzig Leist this year we also had our members doing their thing –


Starting slowly like Aesop’s tortoise we formed a partnership last year  with the UK in the form of mutually increasing our internet footprint, and our venue potential. Keep your ears to the air drifting over the channel for more news for our events in 2016 and 2017.


Jackanory stories

The founder of the venue starred for the very first time at Finding Home, and are adding a new chapter to our projects with kids stories, and encouraging reading at a multi-culti cafe to open in September.

NEWS FLASH! if all goes as planned we may have a shared office space and a venue of our very own.

Keep posted here, and on facebook to find out how 2015 will turn many a new page for us.

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